Pantheon of Ra'an

Ra’an has a strange and diverse pantheon, where most gods and goddesses are the deities of two or more discrete concepts, often ones that seem to be at odds with each other. There is no true dominant religion — small sects of religions sprout up and flourish mostly independently of each other, and some deities may be worshipped for entirely different reasons.
Many gods have been lost to time, and with none left to honor them, fell into obscurity and lost their power.

Lawful Good Deities

Hestia, goddess of both travel and the hearth
Ernthal, god of blacksmithing and protection
Sageren, goddess of life

Chaotic Good Deities

Robaris, goddess of fire and harvest

Neutral Deities
Arem, goddess of love and the sea
Laranell, god of time (or luck)

Chaotic Neutral Deities
Ssien, lizardfolk god of war

Lawful Neutral Deities
Naorceth, goddess of death

Pantheon of Ra'an

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