Senator Thessa

Ruler of Erynadar


Senator Thessa was first encountered by the party when they came to Erynadar for help defeating the False King Seleres. She sent the group to clear out a sacred garden whose magic had been corrupted by a strange presence. When the party had cleared out the garden, she agreed to offer her army’s help with taking back Reval.

The party next encountered her at a dinner party hosted by the Countess Kelserrah, where Thessa offered to help transport the party to Bekshar, as she was flying there to attempt to help the Nature’s Sword in their war for the continent. After the party agreed, she snuck out to the roof (followed by the party, whose sneaking was less than perfect) and assassinated the King of Terranshire, which led to her assuming control of that Kingdom by proxy.

Senator Thessa

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