Magnus Two-Wives Three-Friends

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Veteran adventurer of viking blood, hailing from the human tribes of the northern Maimed Lands.

Magnus is a large man with large weapons and an even larger heart, prone to great violence and merriment alike.

Named after the two women that share his heart and the three friends with whom he campaigns.


Magnus is son of Magnhild, the high warchief of the human clans of the Northern Maimed Lands, and former warchief, Eluf. Eluf’s reign as warchief went unchallenged for decades, and was beloved, and when not beloved, respected. Magnhild would come to take the title of warchief through the viking tradition of Holmgang: a duel to the death for the right to lead. Magnhild, however, went against custom and spared her mate’s life. She argued that life in the Maimed Lands was getting harder and the Maimed clans fewer. She challenged the old ways and aimed to steer her people down new paths to join the larger world in order to insure a future for her people and for her newborn child.

This made her rule controversial, and amid the political tensions, Eluf learned of a plot to challenge her to Holmgang, but with a poisoned blade, for none could best her in a fair fight. The conspirators included her own brothers and their followers, promising to be a bloody insurrection if the Holmgang went sideways.

Magnus parents decide that they cannot run, for they truly love these lands and these people and it is their way to stand and fight for what they believe in, but they know baby Magnus must be sent away to remain safe. In secret, they send Magnus wrapped in heavy furs and supplied with months’ worth of rations on a longboat West, so that he may choose a life for himself outside of the doomed and cruel frozen north, or to one day return and reclaim the Maimed Lands for his own. The long boat after a few days voyage is ship wrecked by a storm at sea, until he is rescued by a Dwarfish merchant ship displaced by the same storm. All evidence of his heritage was lost, except for the clan crest, intricately tattooed on his side.

The kindly old dwarf couple that found him took him in and gave him a comfortable life among dwarves, where he would learn to wield a sword, brew great ale, and learn the tenants of being an honorable fighter. As a young man, the call to adventure was irresistible and he set off into the world.

On his journeys he would fall in love with a fellow adventurer, a dwarf named Delaria, and it would become a source of great happiness for him, until she was lost to the desert wastes around their homeland of Kallian. It was an immense tragedy that never left him, and while it broke his heart, it never shattered his spirit.

Magnus Two-Wives Three-Friends

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