Dustin Harker

"Haunted houses? I know a thing or two 'bout ghost towns."


Neutral Good Monster Slayer Ranger

Last man standing after he lead his gang of outlaws to avenge the massacre of Bulette with his father’s crossbow.

Works alone now as a vigilante, collecting bounties on criminals for coin.

Known Aliases:
The Dust Hawk


Dustin comes from a long line of sheriffs, from the frontier town of Bulette . His mom died from illness when he was only a few years old, and it caused his dad to become a drinker. at some time in the distant past, Dustin’s great great grandfather (also a sheriff) fended off a dragon attack on the city, and lead a party of townsfolk to the dragons lair to finish it off. that dragons head came to adorn the mantle in the Dragon Head Tavern. When people passing through Bulette stopped at the inn, the story of the dragons death was openly and excitedly shared with everyone interested. When Dustin was a child, one man came to the village, just passing through, and heard the story of the dragon. He stayed the night at the inn and left the next morning. he was polite and likable. A week later that man returned in the night to Bulette with a small well-trained and well-armed mercenary team. The man knew that where there were dragons, there was treasure, and it was a town secret that the dragons gold was shared among all the towns people and they hid it all away for when they needed it, generally opting for a more modest country life. the man and his army killed every man woman and child, Dustin’s dad included (although he put up a good fight with some other lawmen, buying some time for Dustin and as many other people as they could get to flee on the remaining horses) Dustin jumped off of his horse a few miles from the town, running back to his dad just in time to see the Man put the finishing blow on his dad and leave with the towns gold.

A few days later, a group of outlaw bandits with a code came through the ghost town of Bulette and found Dustin hungry and alone, still at his dead dad’s side. They took him in, and he became an outlaw for most of his youth. He eventually becomes leader of this gang, and restructures it as a vigilante bounty hunter group. He gets a lead on a mercenary group out in the desert, and leads his band of outlaws to out there. There’s a battle, and last two men standing are Dustin and the Man that butchered his town. Dustin was quicker on the draw, and using his dad’s crowssbow, put a bolt between the butcher’s eyes. All of his friend and enemies lay dead around him, and he spends the rest of his years as a lone bounty hunter, hunting down criminals for coin.

Dustin Harker

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